When before about 6 years I made my first violin of paper as a hobby , I never imagined that it would be the beginning of a so creative artistic career.
There has never been as an artist in the past, but as we say here in Greece, better late, than ever.
The sense of the creation of a beautiful and utilitarian objects from a piece of paper, or fabric was addictive, but more addictive and fascinating is to use  waste and used materials to do that.

My goal, my aim  now, is to give  a second chance in life  to these waste material, giving to them a special value and aesthetics, and helping in parallel the environment  recycling directly.
It is great satisfaction and joy to know that , your art gives messages and lessons for ecology and social behaviour.

My art ... from the beginning even, was difficult and controversial. People relating to art say, that it is not art but musical instruments, people associated with music say that there are not a  musical instruments, but art.
So, yes my Art is unique, in real combine the Ecology , with different style of arts and the music.
One of my purpose is the creation of one or more of recycled or artistic musical bands - orchestras and get involved in entertaining.
I think is a very satisfying to see your art in action.

The very difficult economic situation of Greece and the loss of my real work missed to do all this a memory only.
Fortunately the tenacity, the passion and my belief that I can manage to do great things with my art, to keep me upright until now.
It is very difficult to make your hobby profession, but when you know that it is worth, then the try.

New collaborations abroad and my own new techniques in art, led me to a new creative directions and artistic approaches.

A new style musical instruments, sculptures, design objects, installations and new media Abstract and Pop art made only from textile-fabric without any use of paint is only some of my new creation.
Finally, I want all these seemingly different things that are made, to be able to combine them with entertainment and education.